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Cue Sports Club

Here at the cue sports society we’re fans of four things; Cues (the stick thingies), tables, balls and lights – actually make that five, we’re pretty enthusiastic about a good drink too!

Join us as we take to the tables and go on a potting frenzy, or at least try to. This society has players of all skill levels and we urge potential members not to be afraid if they aren’t a fantastic player – many of us play casually, not professionally. Not only will we try to pair you with someone of the same skill level but you’ll also receive some tips to improve your game, or if you want challenge yourself against anyone.

Keep up to date on meeting times and events our Facebook Page, say Hi or feel free to ask any questions: Or add us on Snapchat to see what you would be missing if you are unable to make it to a meet: staffscuesports



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