Introduction for Teaching Assistants

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Wed 17 Mar 2021 09:30 - Wed 12 May 2021 12:00


9:30am - noon



Introduction for Teaching Assistants

A programme for adults who want to work in a supporting role in a school environment.

This programme is suitable for adults who are aspiring to work in a supporting role in a school environment who have no knowledge or skills in this area. The modules detailed below are structured to assist you in making accurate self-assessment in your current knowledge and ability. Module 1 : Different schools and different roles. Module 2 : Why communicate effectively? Module 3 : Promote Positive Behaviours. Module 4 : Role of the TA in the classroom. Module 5 : Spotting Signs and Promoting Safeguarding. Module 6 : Getting a understanding of employability skills and be able to relate new knowledge and skills into a supporting role in schools.

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