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Play Just Dance in a friendly and welcoming envir onment!


https:/ /


As a group\, we were&nbs p\;formed around people who have a love for \;Just Dance and want to play with others or who have no space to play. And anyone is welcome! Eve n if you think you can'\;t dance\, we provide a welcoming environment to make you feel comfortable and valued. \; We host small tournaments \, Fitness challenges which are based around a playlist and can help you learn specific maps so you can get that Megastar and want to show people your skills! Of course we play the game as usual with a little bit of fri endly competition\, even using the World Dance Floor to get some more com petition in! \;
\nRight now we use two Switch consoles a nd an Xbox One with Kinect (because its so much better for Just Dance). We can have a maximum of three songs going at once\, with 6-8 pla yers each which is more than enough for some fun and competitions to get the highest score.