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Robin Hood ain't got nothin' on me!!! - and other things you'll soon be shouting after a bout of target archery with ResLi fe.

\nTwo archers fire arrows into the sky agai
 nst a red background featuring the words Combat Archery\n 0/21782/


This event is accessible to most and will be taking plac e on the large 3G pitch next to Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre.

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Like Nerf or paintball with bows and arrows - the arrows have a larg e soft rubberised ball on the tip so minimal impact is felt when they hit - faceguards are provided also.


This is fun with our partners running different games and ways to participate.



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Nb. Please be aware that we will be taking pictures and capturing vid eo of this event for use in later promotions of events and services.

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If\, for any reason\, you do not wish to be photographed\, please l et one of our team know and we will endeavour to keep you out of any pict ures or video.