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Come and have a go at mixing\, or just chill and listen to some good music! Equipment and guidance available for free\; no genre restrictions or experience required :)



We want to hear your music!

\n\n< p>StaffsDJ'\;s Open Decks is our weekly social/casual meetup where we provide free equipment for people to come together and mix with! \;Wh ether you'\;re a total beginner and want to learn the basics with some more experienced DJs\, or more seasoned behind the decks and are looking to hone your skills in public\, we'\;re open to \;any skill level or genre. Even if you'\;re not interested in actually mixing and just want to hear some tracks you won'\;t find at Gobble\, there'\;s lo ts of music chat and sharing going on in the background.


 \ ;


If you want a spot\, please contact us!


Unfortuna tely\, we have limited equipment and timeslots\, so if you'\;re intere sted in trying it out\, please join our Discord server \;and \;talk to us about your experienc e level\, genre preferences and availability. \;We'\;ll do our bes t to fit you in based on these factors. Hope to see you there!