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E-Sports Varsity Header

E-sports varsity will pit Staffordshire and Keele head to head on a new digital stage.

Taking the rivalry from the long standing varsity tournament held each year E-sports varsity moves to push this event into the technological revolution. 6 games played over one day to find which uni will hold the title of champion. Here are the games we will be battling it over, and what time they'll be on:


Event Doors Open


Rainbow Six Siege


Rocket League






League of Legends


Super Smash Bros 4


Final Winner Announcements


Event Close

We'll have a bunch of other activities going on throughout the day, so this event will be fun for everyone games or not. Here are some of the other stuff we've got going on, from tournaments to hands on stalls:

12:00 – 16:00

Halo Tournament (Sign up on the day)

10:30 – Onwards

Overclockers VR Experience

10:30 – Onwards

XBOX Stall and New Games Demo

10:30 – Onwards

Free to play Gaming Stations (Xboxs with Fifa 2017, Worms, WiiU Smash Bros)

Halo Tournament

The general public will be allowed to turn up and register for a Halo 4 tournament. This will put teams of 4 against each other from 12:00 onwards to find the overall halo champions. Prises to be given.

Overclockers VR experience

Overclockers Uk who have kindly sponsored the event will have a stall where the public can try out the latest virtual reality games and software. Running throughout the day, just turn up and have a go.

XBOX Games Demo Stall

Xbox, another kid sponsor of the event will be providing a stall where the public can try new and unreleased games! In exchange for completing a short survey on their gaming experiences players will be able to see new content unseen by the world at large.

Free to Play Gaming stations

Multiple consoles will be set up in and around LRV for anyone to come play with their friends. Wii U, Xboxs with new and classic games.