A 24/7 Campus| Game Changer

Changing the way the campus works to better meet student needs.

At Staffs our students have been telling us they don't work 9 to 5 and need learning facilities open outside of these times.

Back in 2011, we successfully convinced the University that the library need to be open longer, and now 24/7 opening is the norm during term-time.

Since then students have identified labs, software and other areas that they need access to, and we've continued to work with the University to make this happen.

What's been acheived so far:

News Room

Student Hub

Digital Kiln (Mellor)








Your additional needs

There's a lot of progress made so far, but if there is additional needs that haven't been met by the spaces open so far, then let us know and we'll take this forward.

Your name:

Student Number:

Requested facilities:

extended until: (i.e 9pm from 6pm)

Specific requirements:
(why is extended access needed)
Frequency of need:
(i.e specific day, weeklu, lead up to exams)