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Changing the opening hours of Staffordshire University

At Staffordshire University our students have been telling us that they do not always work 9am to 5pm, and therefore there is an increasing amount of demand for extended opening hours. The Students' Union has always been a key stakeholder in extending opening hours. 

Students have identified labs, software and other specialist areas that they need access to, and we've continued to work with the University to make this happen. 

Making that change

There's a lot of progress made so far, but if there is additional needs that haven't been met by the spaces open so far, then let us know and we'll take this forward.

Your name:

Student Number:

Requested facilities:

extended until: (i.e 9pm from 6pm)

Specific requirements:
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Frequency of need:
(i.e specific day, weeklu, lead up to exams)

What have the students' union and university achieved so far?

  • 24/7 Library

  • Student Hub (Bringing services together has meant that opening hours have extended for services across campus. Therefore allowing students' to get quality advice and support in the evenings and at weekends).

  • Blackheath Lane Library's opening hours extended until midnight! (We are still pushing for this library to be 24/7, which would be reflective of the library's at Shrewsbury and Stoke-On-Trent).

  • Specialist Facilities (Continous conversations are happening with Technical Services & Estates to extend opening hours for all specialist facilities on campus. Thus meaning building like the mellor buildings are now 24/7 upon request). 


  • Students' Union reception open until 8pm

  • Beacon Bot (It is getting smarter! We promise! Joking aside, we are already seeing the bot complete simplistic tasks such as providing proof of study on demand, and at any time of the day).


"I am really proud to have been part of this campaign, and being able to show the importance of extended opening hours on campus"- Scott William Smith (Vice President 2018-19)