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What is ‘BAME: The Social Impact’?

BAME stands for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic.

As a British Indian, I have come to realise BAME voices and stories are less heard of than White voices and stories. I don’t see myself or my BAME peers represented very often and when they are represented, it’s often not in a good light in any form of western media. So, I wanted to provide a platform for these voices and stories to be heard and allow BAME students at Staffs to feel a better sense of belonging.
Over the next 9 months you’ll be hearing from students, alumni and staff of all backgrounds about BAME heritages and experiences. People from any heritage are welcome to write any of these blogs but the topic has to remain about BAME heritage.
In Black History Month (October), the blogs released will be about Black heritages and experiences as part of our #ProudToBeBlack campaign to empower Black students by seeing that, just like their non-Black peers, they too can attain jobs in any sector.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in writing a blog, please take a read of the blogs below to learn more about what they are. If this is still of interest to you, please email me with the subject ‘Interest in BAME: The Social Impact’ to geeta.lal@staffs.ac.uk.

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Students who are #ProudToBeBlack

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