Laundry | Self Care

Making sure that you are doing regular clothes washes is important in keeping clean and healthy. If you can aim to wash your clothes weekly, especially if you have had an illness, then this will make sure you are smelling fresh and eliminating bacteria from your clothes, preventing the spread of germs to others around you.  

When using a washing machines there are some basic rules to follow:

  • Do not mix dark and lights! - You must have seen the good old red sock in your washing problem! Mixing your whites with coloured clothes can cause dye leak and this can potentially make your white clothes, not so white! You can purchase dye catchers from your local supermarkets, but it is still advised to wash colours separate!
  • Read your clothes label, almost every bit of clothing you buy will have care information. (Usually around your waist area on the inside of the shirts, or the back label on bottoms. These advise you on what procedure to take with looking after your clothes, whether that’s the washing machine, using an iron or a tumble dryer. 

To effectively wash your clothes, make sure you buy some washing detergent and stain remover. Try not to overload the washing machine, fill it no more than 2/3 full to ensure that all your clothes are effectively washed. If you overfill the washing machine, many of your clothes won’t get washed thoroughly and this could affect your whole clothes wash.  

When airing your clothes, make sure you leave a window open to prevent damp and mould forming in your room and home. 

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