Welcome to the 'zero waste' section of your Union Shops 

Our aim is to help you students reduce the environmental impact of tradiational shopping, and to try new and exciting ways to eat well all from your Union Shop at College Road!

  • REDUCE waste, by only buying the food you need
  • REUSE your old containers, cup or anything you can fill
  • REFILL your at home containers and keep packaging low

Product line and exciting announcments COMING SOON - but for now, head to our Union Shop at College Road to Reduce, Reuse, Refill

Want to suggest a treat, ingredient or product line to add? Add an idea below.

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    Almond flour

      Fine almond flour is great for cooking and baking special those who are intolerant to wheat and grain
    Julie Patterson
    3:33pm on 11 Nov 19 we will look for an alternative supplier for almond flour

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