Offering professional skills and experiences to the community is just one more way we're Proud to be Staffs here at the Students' Union.

The time of our staff team spend at home with their families is precious and so we recognise that staff may be put off volunteering for good when working full-time. Students' Union core staff are therefore covered by our Staff Volunteering Policy, which awards our core staff up to 15 hours of paid leave each holiday year to participate in volunteering activities.



Activating your Volunteering Hours

1. Find your Opportunity

Find a one-off activity, full-day volunteering experience or short activities as part of chain that interests you. Get in touch and find out the basics of the volunteering you want to do.


2. Authorise your Volunteering Hours

Next, speak with your Line Manager to authorise your Volunteering Hours. You can take any combination of hours up to 15 hours with the agreement of your line manager.


3. Volunteer

Enjoy your paid Volunteering Leave, experience new things and develop your skills.


4. Capture your Memories

To encourage your colleagues to use their volunteering hours, we'll ask you to complete a short case study on your volunteering (ideally with a photo!) to be shared on our website.


What type of activity can I take part in?

For the purposes of the Staff Volunteering Policy, volunteering must benefit a community or non-commercial cause. Activity can therefore be undertaken with a commercial, charitable or public sector organisation, though no profit can be made from your contributions and the wider activity you are part of. 

Good examples of suitable staff volunteering might be:

  • Attending board of governors or board of trustee meetings

  • Coaching a sporting activity

  • Undertaking a community litter pick

  • Being part of a project team running an event, such as a Christmas Lights Turn On for charity

  • Running an on campus charitable event or activity

  • Participating in the primary work of a charity, such as providing a care service to charity service users.


Students' Union Staff Volunteering Stories

Danny Walker

Student Engagement Coordinator

Emergency Response Volunteer, British Red Cross

I’m an Emergency Response Volunteer with the British Red Cross and respond to incidents where people have been displaced from their homes because of fires and floods or during Major Incidents to set up Rest Centres and provide practical and emotional support to all those affected.

On the 2nd November, I spoke at a Red Cross event at Middleport Pottery to talk about the work I do in supporting those in crisis to an audience of supporters in the hope that they may consider leaving something in their wills to help support our work in the future.