Who won the race?

After weeks of tireless campaigning by all our candidates the Leadership Race is finally over.

You have spoken and have elected your student officers and trustees for 2016/17.

Your President

Jaime-Lee Cunningham

Your Vice Presidents

Ben Malbon

Ben Malbon

Darren Clarke

Swetha Reddy


Student Trustees


Birgit Allport

Jimmy Banton

Kathryn Pogue

Yousuf Mohammed


What’s happened this Leadership race?

This year we’ve had more of you engaged with the election than ever before.

You’ve raced on space hoppers, played twister and spun the wheel of fortune.

You’ve made Staffs history

This has been a fantastic year


Total number of voters


Total number of votes submitted


This has been the best election so far and it’s all thanks to you students being a part of it.