The Great-ish Donate 

Leaving for home? Don’t carry all that unwanted stuff with you, donate it right here on your doorstep to make a real difference. Not in Halls? Click here! 

What is The Great-ish Donate?

At the end of every year, students have excess belongings, clothes and food, the Great Donate normally head round campus to collect these. This year we’re asking residents to sort their belongings before they leave and have a look for anything they don’t need or want.

Don’t dump it – DONATE IT

Do your bit this summer and turn your old unwanted items into amazing gifts for local charities to benefit from!

  In the donation bags & bins


  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Cookware & Crockery
  • Posters & Paintings
  • Other nice Stuff

British Heart Foundation

  In the FoodHub donation point or the SU drop off

SU Food Hub

Any unopened:

  • Long life milk & cartons
  • Tins and cans
  • Pasta, cereals, pulses & grains
  • Jars, Jams, Sauces & Condiments
  • Breakfast cereals & long-life pastries
  • Drinks, juices and cordials
  • Biscuits, tea & coffee

We also accept unused and unopen:

  • Hygiene products & toiletries


Bin Locations

  • Clarice Cliff Halls

  • Opposite Spode Halls

  • Leek Road Car park near estates lodge

  • Minton Halls



Ask us at or visit the Reslife team

What can I NOT donate in my bag?

Broken items or broken electronics

Knives and scissors

Duvets & bedding or sheets

Pillows and cushions (cushion covers are fine)

Cleaning Products


What can I NOT put into a Foodhub donation?

Any fresh or frozen food

Any opened or unsealed food



Donating Food ? FAQ


What if it is out of date?

We can accept some items of food past their “Best Before” (BBE) date so please feel free to donate these too – just make sure the date is clear.

We work with local organisations to use food that is past its best but is still good to eat.


What if its damaged but good?

We can take items which are slightly damaged or dented, however you should ensure that there’s no holes in the protective packets or cans that could have spoiled the food. If the item is heavily damaged, stained or soiled please dispose of it or use yourself.


Individually wrapped & multipack items

Have a multipack of soaps? Only half used a 4 pack of beans? You can donate part packets of multipacket food if the items have their own packaging. (E.g. crisps, drinks cans)


I can’t find an Expiry date?

If the expiry date is missing or removed, please don’t donate these items.


Not a Halls Resident?

Don't worry you can still take part. 

Donate belongings to the BHF bins or campus OR visit your local BHF Store

Drop food donations to a Foodhub Point or to the SU Reception on College Rd. 

You can find out all the info you need above or message us @staffsunion on social channels

Tell us about your donations using #TheGreatDonate




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