Be safe on your nights out

Did you know all of the things that we do to keep you safe?

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We want all of our students to have the best, trouble-free night possible when visiting our venues. Your safety is our top priority.


Here are just some of the things we do to ensure your safety:

  • Best Bar None LogoWe are one of the top-performing Student Unions in the country in the Best Bar None awards, scoring 100% for our processes that keep you safe in our venues!
    • Best Bar None is a Home Office and drinks industry-supported scheme that aims to improve standards in the evening and nighttime economy.
    • A requirement of the awards is that all staff and security to be trained in all aspects of safety.
    • Our Security teams are Security Industry Authority qualified and licensed.
  • If you feel unsafe or unwell when leaving our venues after a club night our Union Angels are there to make sure you get home safely! Our helpful staff can help by walking you home, making sure that you get safely into a taxi or finding your friends for you.
union angels
  • Ask AngelaIf you are getting any unwanted attention during your night out. Simply ask for Angela at the bar and we will help you out.
  • We regularly search for customers on entry to ensure you are safe in our venues. Our security teams use wands to detect metalic objects.
  • We work closely with the campus police officer to ensure the safety of our students is the utmost priority
  • We run regular awareness campaigns covering such topics as spiking and drugs awarenessPegging
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy to drugs, anyone found bringing drugs into our venues run the risk of being arrested.
  • We are part of the Nightlife partnership, working with the police and local pubs and clubs to ensure our venues remain free of known criminals and it means that an exclusion from any of our venues may also result in an exclusion from other pubs and clubs in the local area.
  • CCTV covers 100% of the of our venues.
  • All of our cups used in the venues are clear so you can always see what is in your drink. 
In light of current national concerns, we share our students worries and are implementing further measures such as:
  • The increased frequency of searches and use of metal detectors 
  • Increasing the frequency of random drugs testing
  • We will remove any drinks left unattended for safety purposes
  • We are investing in lids to cover up glasses, which will be available in LRV as soon as they arrive


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