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Hi all

So again another one of my blogs for everyone to read at their will.

This week has been the most hectic yet in my calendar so I have not done as much work as I scheduled on the project but I have still got some significant aspects completed, with more planned for today.

So what have I been up to since my last blog you all asking?

I have been gathering further informal opinions on the university systems that are used by students and staff for assessments. This is primarily the two systems known as Blackboard and Turnitin. Some comments even went as far as saying one of the systems may not yet be fit for service, but this is why I am undertaking this project. The university wants to improve their services to go above and beyond what the students expect.

On top of the above, I have been putting some more minor touches to my final summative report that hopefully will be tested through Turnitin to show it was all my own work. :)

Also meeting with my Union Partner, they have also advised me to produce a Journal style output of the report to enable those who want a more concise outcome from the project as it currently stands at about 18,000 words and 70 pages. SO I will take their advice and produce a more concise 5-10 page journal.

The expected completion date of May 17th 2013 still stands and once it is approved by the Union it can be published and given to whoever wants a copy.

Best of wishes to all, Students and Staff over this busy period of the academic year.



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