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Game review: Batman: Arkham City

Mon 14 Nov 2011

OMG's Jordan Capasso reviews the latest game featuring the Caped Crusader.

Adam Cohen - reviewed

Thu 10 Nov 2011

OMG's Claire Marina finds out more about Adam's father and his album.

Open mic night a success

Thu 03 Nov 2011

OMG's Tara Hannah reviews the Verve's first open mic night.


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TV - Halloween

Mon 31 Oct 2011

As well as a Halloween special, the OMG TV crew visit the launch night of 'Flux', based in the old Spode factory.

Interested in a job in the media?

Mon 25 Apr 2011

Claire Gamble

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Giant Milkybar Buttons!

Fri 22 Apr 2011

Milkybar Giant Buttons

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