About One Media Group

One Media Group is Staffordshire University’s student radio station and media outlet, bringing together students from all over the university to create radio shows, cover campus events, learn new skills and have fun. We also work with other student groups at Staffs to promote their events, and some of them even host their own shows. We pride ourselves on our “Passion for Music and Passion for Entertainment” and try to make sure every member is able to create something they’re proud of and enjoy doing. 

Opportunities include covering sports events like Varsity, starting up an original podcast, and playing the music you love to thousands of students. Things might be running a little different this year but OMG is up and running and we are providing a packed schedule of shows, from local music to comedy to sports, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We broadcast from the students' union on Stoke campus but cover all the university campuses. 

If you are a student at Staffordshire University you can sign up to join OMG via the Staffs Union website for Free. 


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