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    Meal Deal prices

      We're a "sustainable" union...but not all that sustainable for working class students... Last year I started out frequently buying meal deals from the shop at roughly £3 a meal deal, this would add up if on campus all day to cover my lunch and tea (dinner) meals so I wasn't spending a ridiculous amount on takeaway... flash forward to this year, I've just been in the union shop purchasing meal deals for myself and my partner to cover lunch and dinner and the price along with 2 extra drinks came to £20! this isn't sustainable for students who come from a working class or poorer background, the overall costs for meal deals have hiked up, last year the prices we're around £2 for a "standard" meal deal including a can or roughly £3 which included a bottle. This year the price, albeit £1 difference is now almost £3 for a "standard" meal deal or almost £4 for a "premium" meal deal with literally little difference to meal deal content. For that price I could get a BOGOF Dominos and save one for a later meal, which is not practical (or healthy) if on campus.
    Jamie Robertson
    9:56am on 24 Sep 18 Hi Amy, thanks for giving us some feedback. I'll pass this on to our retail team as they will be best placed to respond in greater detail. Jamie - Student Voice Manager
    Jamie Robertson
    12:43pm on 24 Sep 18 Hi again Amy! I've checked in with our retail team and our meal deals are £2.49 and £3.69. What may have happened is that you selected some items that qualify as part of the deal and some that don't. I've sent an email to Julie, our Shops Manager to clarify that our signs in our outlets are up to date and correct. If you need any more help with this issue, please get in touch via Thanks, Jamie (Student Voice Manager).
    Jamie Robertson
    11:38am on 25 Sep 18 ...its me again! Julie has now forwarded the following for absolute clarity (I was a few pence off with the prices above!): "Hi Amy Thank you for the feedback regarding our Meal Deal offering. As a Student Union Shop we are affiliated to NUS who on our behalf negotiate best prices and promotions from the brand owners. NUS made the decision to revamp the Meal Deal after feedback from staff and customers within the student market, this meant a price increase Classic Meal Deal now £2.69 replaced the Basic Meal Deal which was £2.49 and the Premium now £3.49 was £3.29 (price increase of 20p per Meal Deal). In doing this they have introduced a new sandwich range called Honest Crust and a fruit alternative instead of crisps giving the customer more choice. I will personally check that all point of sale material is present and correct, if you need any assistance with the Meal Deal the staff in each shop will be happy to help. Thanks Julie (Shop Manager)"

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