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    Former Cadman Reception to be converted into Study Skills section.

      Since the Student Hub was launched in September, the space has been marginally used by students, partially due to frequent rotation of furniture available in the area. I have seen this firsthand while using the space during breaks between lectures to study, and attending lectures in the adjacent classroom which used to be the Careers office. In recent years, there has been an ongoing issue with availability of rooms for Study Skills and Mentor sessions for students who possess a Learning Support Agreement, often leading to disruption of their studies if they can't find an environment to hold these sessions in, especially for students with sensory or learning disabilities. As Manager of the Disabled Students' Network, I have held meetings with various staff at the university during recent years to raise this query, and I have been informed by a reliable source that options such as expanding the 2nd floor study areas in the Thompson Library isn't feasible due to air quality. After learning this information, I took to speaking to our members and even publishing a public poll on social media to ask if this idea would be beneficial. All participating members concurred that this idea would be beneficial, while 79% of public poll participants also agreed. Having the former Cadman Reception converted into a Study Skills space, whether it be small offices or even just more group work pods like those in the Hub would go a long way to help students with disabilities, whom already struggle to find a suitable studying environment. If this idea was taken forward, there would be key staff who would support this suggestion. There may indeed be the Student Hub as a studying resource now, but multiple members have approached me voicing that the Hub is a source of sensory overload during busy times, and one of the reasons they would prefer the library is because they can access the books.
    Paul Liversage
    6:12pm on 7 Nov 18 I do my study session for SpLDs in library. I can see some people would not like that arrangement and want more privacy
    Andrea Boot
    4pm on 15 Nov 18 Having somewhere reliable to meet with my study skills mentor would be useful to me and would greatly reduce my anxiety levels each week.

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