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    Transport between Stafford and Shrewsbury

      I mentioned in the last meeting that students in Stafford and Shrewsbury studying midwifery and possibly other subjects too, had specific lessons where a large number of students go to and fro these campuses on specific days. After speaking with staff about whether a free minibus transport for there and back would be feasible, I was met with 'students knew travel was a requirement before starting the course'. However, when asking staff members who have resided in Staffs for a number of years, how long the FREE minibus from stoke to staff and back ran for, no-one was able to give me an answer other than 'too long to remember'. This is supposed to be a eco-friendly university but several vehicles travelling to one location as apposed to one, is not environmentally-friendly. Not only this, but, if the university cares for the pocket of students then, this small investment would help students massively! Most people studying in Stoke, have the privilege of having all lessons on one campus, it would be nice to help the lesser fortunate students out! After all of this. especially the previous regular, FREE transport, why then is this minibus an issue?
    Scott Smith
    4:51pm on 14 Dec 18 Hi Geeta, Studying across two campus' should no longer be timetabled into student's diaries. If this is still is happening, could you please document an example and send it across to so we can get this fixed immediately. What do you mean by 'how long it ran for?' ... I used to catch this minibus when I was a student, so I probably could answer this question. As clarified in the last forum, the university are interested in running a minibus from Blackheath Lane to the Train Station. Which has been reported as the biggest demand for students at our outreach sites. Once this has been implemented, it will be possible to explore other opportunities. Kind Regards, Scott William Smith

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