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    Blackheath Lane catering facilities

      Hello At a recent Student/Staff Liaison meeting held at BHL we discuss the issue around the meal provider facilities. At Stoke (understandably as there are more students) there is a lot more choice and the cost is reflected because of the competition with meal deal prices being around £3 to £4 pounds. At BHL however a sandwich alone costs the lower end of this price scale at about £2.75, a coffee / tea is about £1.65 and a cold drink is anything from £1.40. An additional snack (crisps, chocolate etc) is another 80p or more, and the only other option is the 'set meal' which is £4.25 on its own (with the cost of a drink on top as extra). In our meeting we discussed the possibility of a subsidised meal allowance to bring this cost down for students who are based at Stafford to better reflect a consistent price scale across all campus's. Regards Rob
    Durnik Jones
    9:38am on 18 Jan 19 Hi Rob! Thanks for submitting this issue - we'll make sure that this Idea is brought forward at our Better Staffs Forum happening at Blackheath Lane this upcoming Wednesday, to discuss what help the Union can do with this issue. - the Voice Team.

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