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    More Variety of Food in Union Venues, plus Takeaway Options

      It would be better for our socials if there was a wider variety of food options in the SU venues. Currently the offers at Ember and Verve are very similar, with most of the menu being largely the same kind of things. I am a committee member of a student group that regularly eats at these venues, and we as a society have decided to put our own idea across. We feel that Ember should have a more classic British Pub feel to it, selling a lot more homely classic British dishes such as Cottage/Sheppard's Pie, Banger's & Mash, and Chilli Con Carne, but should still continue to serve classic such as the Emburger and Ultimate Burger. It also feels rather disjointed when there a sections of the menu called things somewhat different to what they contain - for example, the Classics section which just contains sandwiches. Verve meanwhile should feel more like a cocktail bar, which would also compliment the fact its attached to a night club venue. It should serve a wide variety of small dishes, like Nachos, Wraps, and Halloumi fries, which could then be combined with an optional deal such as 3 for £8, compared to the current offer where it feels like you're simply ordering a starter. Unique burgers are also a good idea, which humorous names referencing its ingredients, and clearly communicated drinks offers such as 2 for 1 cocktails after a certain time 6/7 days a week, and combining food and a drink for a cheaper price than buying them separately. A slightly different Lunch and Evening menu would also cater for different markets. In regards to the takeaway options, as halls of residences are literally just 100 yards away from Verve, and Ember is right in the center of most student housing, it feels like a missed opportunity to not provide a clear takeaway option for those that want it. This is something that the university outlets currently don't provide. In some circumstances, speed of delivery also needs to be improved, as some of our members have encountered situations where they've ordered food, and have received a food voucher instead of actual food, because of the time its taken for them to get their food and the fact they've had to leave to get to other commitments like lectures. The takeaway options would also help with this. I hope you take our ideas into consideration, and we're looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Scott Smith
    10:57am on 11 Feb 19 Hi Huw, I would need to check to see if all students at Staffordshire University share the same consensus regarding the food offering! If you want to get involved further to #makeThatChange please contact

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