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Geeta Lal
5:22pm on 30 Apr 19 There is both a kitchen & a separate sink in the library that both have kettles that not many people know about. The kitchen: Upon entrance to the library, go straight up the stairs. Follow the stairs to the right. Go past the double brown doors. There are a 2nd set of double brown doors ahead and the kitchen is the room to your right before these 2nd brown doors. The sink (only accessible to gaming students): The cupboard in the card access only games room on the 1st floor of the library. (It looks like a normal storage cupboard). Go through the barrier in the library & walk down the corridor until you see the double grey doors on your right leading to the 1st floor/ or the lift just before this, also on the right. Head upstairs and walk left until you see a room on your left, next to the disabled toilets. Enter the room with your student card. The sink is behind the normal-looking cupboard on your right.

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