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    Text service for campus control

      Some people have social anxiety and can't handle making a phone call. Due to this they are put off contacting campus control with issues. Implement a text service linked to campus control to help those people feel more comfortable to contact them please.
    Amy Smith
    5:22pm on 29 Apr 19 I completely agree with this, certain situations can make me feel anxious, especially where something has happened where i'm having to ask for help. Having a number to text adds a level of anonymity and discretion to students who have mental health conditions such as anxiety. Example: if people are being ridiculously noisy/ messing around in a group in the library and I have to ask security if they can help with the situation, if I have to get up to go to security I'll fret that the group will notice and usually the security person will either walk back with me to know where they're going or just a head which makes it really obvious that i've asked them for help. With a text number, like with the student rovers that can be abolished and used in situations where a student may not feel it's safe to be on their phone or may not want the attention drawn to them.
    Natalie Campbell
    6:07pm on 1 May 19 im sure there is a mobile number that you can use to contact campus control.

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