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    Holiday Kids Club

      The majority of students at Staffs are mature (22+) and many of these are parents. Many parents don't have the facility for young to teenage children to be looked after whilst they continue their studies and/ or employment alongside their studies. School holidays don't always align with university breaks, leaving parents frustrated with no option for older child care. I propose a facility be set up for child care around school & university holidays. I'm unsure as to whether it should be free or at a low cost but a facility none-the-less would be better than nothing to help parents who already feel alienated for not fitting into the 18-21, no child norm.
    Natalie Campbell
    2:28pm on 25 May 19 I am already working on this and have been for a few months. now my studies are over I will concentrating on this.
    Ulysses Jones
    12:30pm on 11 Jun 19 Hey Geeta - we're intending on working this closely with the MPC Network as something to further develop and discuss.
    Geeta Lal
    11:31pm on 21 Jun 19 Great! I knew it was something Nat was working towards but didn't know if the ball had rolled yet. Either way, I thought it would be great to put forward to students anyway to get word out and hopefully get more support for Nat from our non-mpc demographic.

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