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    Increased CCTV at Union Venues

      During the most recent Flashback Friday (Dick & Dom, 20/09/19) an incident occurred at around 01:05am where I personally, and also one of my friend's guests, was struck on the head with a flying glass. Altough I was relatively fine, the glass caused a deep cut on the guest that required medical attention at A&E after being seen by a first aider on site. Yesterday (23/09/19) my friend went to see the footage only to be told that the incident could not be seen on any CCTV and the only hope to find out who did it is for someone to come forward. I've also heard of another few similar incidents happening within Welcome Week, where once again the CCTV hasn't been good enough to see what had happened. Personally, I do not think that it is good enough that an incident that caused injury can not be seen on any footage at a key student venue like LRV. This could make any student feel that the venue is unsafe to attend if anything should happen to them or their friends. As a result, we feel there is a need for increased CCTV around the Union venues, especially LRV, and that it should be made sure these cameras cover the whole venue rather than just areas of high importance (like the Bar, Safes, or Cloakroom). We hope to hear back soon about what the Union's stance is on this incident, and how CCTV can be improved in the future to catch similar incidents, and aid in allocating temporary or permanent bans to those people who cause the incidents.
    Robert Flowers
    4:03pm on 24 Sep 19 Also needs A/C to hot and stuffy in there
    Louis Wrenn
    4:08pm on 24 Sep 19 Hi, I am the guy that got hit in this particular incident. The timeline is slightly wrong, this happened on a Wednesday night, leading into Thursday morning, but the rest of this is accurate. The LRV is supposed to be a safe place for students to have fun, but how can it be safe of the security systems are inadequate?
    Huw Weaver
    7:10pm on 24 Sep 19 Hi Louis - I can say for certain that the person I'm talking about in my original post isn't you, and that what I'm talking about did happen on the Friday, but if something happened to you too on the Wednesday then it just further shows a need for increased CCTV.
    Jamie Robertson
    4:36pm on 26 Sep 19 Hi Huw, I'm the Student Voice Manager at your Union. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm going to follow up with our venues team as a matter of priority. If you'd like to email with any further detail/questions/comments, we'll be sure to reply to you directly. I'd extend the same message to you, Louis and Robert - thank you for your feedback, I'll pass this on to the venue team.

    3 Things Changed by the Better Staffs Forum Last Year

    1. The University installing dual screens in Computing Labs

    2. The return of Bing Lingo during Welcome Week

    3. Refurbishment of Student Space at College Road