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Date of next Better Staffs: 12th February 2020 @ 1pm in the  Students' Union, College Road!

Feel you can't wait yet or studying at another campus? Please email for assistance and more information as to how you can still get involved!

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Your Ideas for Your Union

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    Quiz Nights

      While the new quiz nights are enjoyable and flow better i feel a few things need to change. First of all it is hardly a team game, it's basically fastest finger which is nigh on impossible to do in a team. The whole point of a team is pooled knowledge which needs to be communicated. I have unfortunately not developed the power of telepathy so this takes time to discuss. Secondly the questions are really vetted. One of the questions this Sunday was 'due out in April 2019, what is the title of the 4th avengers movie' we are in October...? anyone who put some effort or thought into it could have changed that, not simply copy and pasting questions. Thirdly often the option to answer comes up before the question is even started to be read out and then the question doesn't immediately come up on screen. If you don't understand what the quiz-master is saying which happens more often than not, you are at a significant disadvantage. Question needs to be on screen as its being read out. Fourth the lack of different themed questions is actually dire. It makes it boring. The last quiz, a lot of the questions were guessing games, such as how many mosquitoes would it take to drain a human of blood. that's not general knowledge, it's just who can make the best guess. It needs to have rounds brought back so that its more varied and much more interesting. Everyone loves the music round and yet now there isn't one? seems silly to get rid of the most popular round for the sake of an app. Lastly i believe students should be able to do their own quizzes and become the quiz master for a night. This encourages creativity from students and it allows for themed nights. At least then time and thought is put into it and it makes it much more enjoyable for all. Why does it have to be a union team member that does it? Thanks for reading!
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    3 Things Changed by the Better Staffs Forum Last Year

    1. The University installing dual screens in Computing Labs

    2. The return of Bing Lingo during Welcome Week

    3. Refurbishment of Student Space at College Road