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      Can we PLEASE start properly enforcing the "no smoking in the immediate area outside buildings"? Ashley 1 is a particular problem area where smokers congregate within a footstep of the building DESPITE there being "NO SMOKING" signs on all 4 corners of the building. You can't stand there without facing one and people are ignoring them. Non-smokers shouldn't have to walk through a cloud of smoke just to get to their lectures. It's really not fair. Where the Ashley Lecture Theatres join the Business school part and also outside the Science Centre. It's just ridiculous. I was pregnant last semester and I physically had to hold my breath to walk through to my lectures. If you want to smoke, fine. That's your decision but my lovely dad passed away in 2018 - very suddenly, due to a smoking related disease. He went to work, and never came home. He died at the scene, despite 3 ambulances tending to him at work. He was 53 and he left me and his two grandchildren heartbroken and grieving. If you want that for yourself, carry on, but don't subject others to it. Its selfish and its incredibly inconsiderate. Can we please enforce a rule of no smoking within a certain number of feet of a building and actually monitor it please? I know its a big ask but we should have to hold our breath walking through the doors. I also want to add, I understand that I probably won't die at 53 having breathed in some second-hand smoke but if you do your research, the risks are there. Second-hand smoke is incredibly dangerous. Why subject others to that?
    Sab Jones
    1:29pm on 22 Nov 19 Hi there Chloe - thanks for raising this with us. We'll ensure to contact the relevant departments in the university to remind students over the current smoking signs to ensure that they are correctly enforced.

    3 Things Changed by the Better Staffs Forum Last Year

    1. The University installing dual screens in Computing Labs

    2. The return of Bing Lingo during Welcome Week

    3. Refurbishment of Student Space at College Road