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    Addressing the reoccurring flooding problem on campus

      The recent flooding on the 26th of November has highlighted one of the biggest problems with the university campus. Due to the location of the university and the halls of residence, flooding is a regular occurrence when there's heavy rain, and with the recent flooding being seen as the worst in years, this problem needs to be addressed properly by the university to ensure that minimal disruption to students and their living arrangements. The flooding highlighted some key problems, especially with the current problem with the drainage system around campus which is incredibly susceptible to flooding. The flooding problem has also received bad press with locals with an article posted by Stoke-on-Trent Live. This problem needs to be addressed to prevent this from continuing for the next sprout of heavy rain, and for the years to come.
    Sab Jones
    10:28am on 26 Nov 19 Hi Alexander - obviously the flooding has been a issue issue for the University and going forward, provisions need to be considered. I'll also make sure to pass this onto the Union's Green Working Group.

    3 Things Changed by the Better Staffs Forum Last Year

    1. The University installing dual screens in Computing Labs

    2. The return of Bing Lingo during Welcome Week

    3. Refurbishment of Student Space at College Road