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    More pressure on circuit to fix washer and dryers.

      It’s been said before, but the washers and dryers are really bad, the timers glitchy on some washers, and one washer has been broken since day one of the semester, they also charge so much, especially as you can’t dry clothes on the first attempt. I’d also like Staffs to put more pressure on Circuit to actually get out of their contract with Circuit so we can have free washing and drying as it’s expensive and bad quality. It’ll be fairer on the students to have a better place to do their washing. Other unis have thrown Circuit away, so it’s time we should.
    Jamie Robertson
    3:01pm on 20 Jan 20 Hi Daniel! Thanks for your idea. Lots of students have flagged Circuit's Washing Machines as an issue this year (and last) and the Union is working hard to find a positive outcome. Before Christmas we held a forum so students could discuss problems directly with ResLife staff and next week Connor (President) should have a meeting with a representative from Circuit themselves. As soon as this is in the calendar, we'll make sure to promote it to those who have flagged issues in the past. Thanks, Jamie ^Student Voice Manager.
    Ken Sankson
    11:44am on 18 Feb 20 For an update of how we are continuing to monitor and address this issue directly with Circuit and ensure your concerns are heard and acted on, please see this dedicated article.

    3 Things Changed by the Better Staffs Forum Last Year

    1. The University installing dual screens in Computing Labs

    2. The return of Bing Lingo during Welcome Week

    3. Refurbishment of Student Space at College Road