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    Washing machines on campus being broken

      They don't all work, don't dry clothes completely, been an issue for a while, they need to be either fixed or replaced. The clothes come out just smelling of wet clothes and don't completely wash your clothes. They are overpriced for washing machines that don't work, you shouldn't have to pay for a separate card when the app is completely free.
    Elion Harries
    4:30pm on 10 Sep 19 Well said
    James Smith
    4:31pm on 10 Sep 19 I've used the machines a lot over the time I've lived in halls and I've had many poor experiences. Dryers don't dry. Washers leave clothes smelling and the machines regularly malfunction and I've been charged without the wash cycle even starting.
    Idrees Anwar
    4:31pm on 10 Sep 19 I agree, the quality of the wash is poor, especially for the price we are charged
    Sophie Cartwright
    4:35pm on 10 Sep 19 I completely agree. The clothes dont get washed the first time round and even when they do they come out smelling funny. The dryers don't dry the clothes and them make your clothes smell even worse. The price of the washers and dryers are very expensive and not worth it at all
    Henry Nicol
    4:36pm on 10 Sep 19 I agree they're overpriced for the how horrible quality they are
    Kieran Murphy
    4:02pm on 24 Sep 19 They definitely either need to be cheaper or better, had to put clothes in to dry 3 times as they kept coming out damp
    Connor Pashley
    5:50am on 4 Oct 19 I used them once and my clothes are still wet hahahaha
    Mark Warren
    12:30am on 13 Oct 19 I agree the dryers need replacing, I wouldn't know about the washing machines themselves however, they seem to clean my clothes just fine: but the dryers are horrendous, I end up having to spend twice the money just because they don't dry the clothes properly (and they're still not dry even after the 2nd cycle) I don't think our flat providers will be much pleased when we're forced to bring our damp clothes inside: if my room gets mold, I'm blaming the dryers.
    Sabrina Jones
    10:40am on 16 Oct 19 Hi all - thanks all for your feedback/input. This will be going to our Better Staffs on the 23rd, 2-4PM in the Students' Union. We'll discuss this at length, it would be great to see you all there!

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