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    Green Initiatives

      The students union should be doing more to help create renewable energy, and making our campus greener. For example; - Last year, one of the officers implemented a eco friendly zero waste shop in one of the union shops. The union should install one of these in the other shop as well, and also provide a bin in which containers for this shop can be collected and distributed to other students. This would aide with recycling, and reduce the overall plastic waste of the university. - The union should also look at any of its current buildings, and see if renewable energy sources such as solar panels can be installed. In addition to being green energy providers, this would also help to alleviate costs for the union. - The union should also encourage the university to install solar panels on some of it's buildings as well. This would help the university rise in the sustainability tables. as well as encourage climate change awareness within the student and staff bodies.
    Jamie Robertson
    4:51pm on 26 Sep 19 Hi Jamie, thanks for sharing your idea! As a Union, we think we're pretty good at Sustainability and have been awarded "Excellent" in terms of our Green Impact by the NUS for the past few years. We can, however, always get better! You can find out more about our Sustainability work at I know the lead of our new Project Earth Society ( has been pressuring the Vice Chancellor on the University's sustainability work, so I'll pass this on to the Officer Team, too! I'll pass on your comments on our Zero Waste operation to our Retail Team for a response.

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