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    More clarity on consuming OWN food in areas on campus

      Currently there are signs in the university spaces (Brindley Food Court, Business Lounge, Science Centre) stating not to consume takeaway food on the premises, however it seems there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to consuming homemade food. Some students have been asked to not bring their own food while others (such as myself) have consumed homemade food in these areas previously without issue. The university either needs to clarify on this rule, or allow the consumption of homemade food in these areas. Not every student is willing or able to spend £3+ on a sandwich when they could make their own/use left-overs which would be otherwise thrown away. Whilst there are also Union spaces available such as Verve and Ember, for some people it is more convenient to remain in places such as the Science Centre and Ashley when there are lectures and seminars in the same building.
    Chloe Campion
    6:51pm on 25 Oct 19 I understand the limits on not eating your own food in the cafe's etc but my maintenance loan was reclaimed this year due to an overpayment last year. I have two children to feed at home and no maintenance loan. I can't afford to pay £3.70 each day for a panini for my lunch when I could bring homemade soup or salad for lunch for much cheaper. Being able to eat your own food as long as you've bought a drink would be a half-way step? A tea is £1.50, £1.30 if you bring your own cup. I'd happily pay £1.30 a day to be able to eat my own lunch because I would still be saving more than if I was buying a panini every day. Apart from anything else, my partner is a student too. I could make soup for both of us for the whole week for about £3... it would cost us upwards of £7 per day to eat at uni. It's just impossible. We've gone without food some days because we don't know where we can eat it.

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