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    Halls Parking

      We've been told we're not eligible for on-campus parking permits if we live in halls of residence. The whole idea of this seems absurd. A lot of the students living on campus chose to live on campus because they live 3-8 hours away from the university. I personally come from Somerset, that's 6 hours away, and I'm expected to not have a car with me? What happens if I need to head home urgently? Am I just supposed to be able to buy a train ticket? Yes, the campus is next to the station but I can drive home for £30 or I can get a train ticket for near £100, economically my car is more viable. I honestly don't care if I have to park all the way near Ashley Building, but not being able to purchase a permit seems insanely inconsiderate of the university. I know I'm not the only person in a situation like this, I know of at least 10 other people in Leek Houses that drive and I'm sure there are others in the other halls. I do understand the university would like to be more eco-friendly and having lots of people drive to campus is obviously a thing to target, but doing it in this negatively affects students who live on campus who need their cars for work or any other circumstance. As students that went into on-campus accommodation, we were told that we'd be able to have our cars with us [ source: ], that's one of the reasons some of us chose on-campus accommodation instead of nearby housing.
    Sabrina Jones
    3:04pm on 15 Oct 19 Hi Jack, thanks very much for your submission. We understand there has been much frustration over car parking & we're definitely discussing this further, including Halls Parking on the 23rd of Ocobter, 2-3PM. There's also more information on Car Parking which has been released - it is definitely worth contacting

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