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    Parking For Uni Residents

      The allocation of parking permits seems vague, and appears to be penelising those who live on site for owning a car by suggesting they are not ellegible at all for a permit. This seems unfair due to the only options being public transport which is not reliable or practical for most students. Owning a car is a life line for students, as it allows us to attend work placements and jobs; as well as social use such as shopping; and emergency use if we need to urgently get home. In addition, it is rather inconsiderate for the uni to only now inform students they cannot have cars on site after no consultation with them about this or prior knowledge, with themselves previously stating in the reslife FAQs section "can I bring my car" that we could so long as a valid parking permit was purchased and displayed. Parking onsite is essential as most students live long distances and it is not practical to send home their cars, and was also a reason for choosing to live onsite, and would have changed peoples views regarding living here. I hope this can be quickly rectified, and the university see sense and the impracticality of suggesting students cannot have cars on site.
    Jordan Hayward
    7:20pm on 28 Sep 19 Upon being told at open days and offer days that we will be able to bring our cars, we simply cannot be told now that we can't park on campus, I live 2 hours from my nearest railway station, it is highly impractical to travel that way, as residents of leek road houses we should be allowed to park our cars near houses and be guaranteed a spot, I understand that commuters need space however there are multiple large car parks by the entrance to campus, I'm disgusted that this has been turned around on us when I was told repeatedly having a car on campus would be NO ISSUE at all. Fix this
    Catherine Sheen
    4:58pm on 3 Oct 19 But unfortunately there arent enough spaces for commuters and they are having to turn around and go home. :( The rule for resident students is also found at other universities, and is similar to some of the student housing off campus where in some situations, the property will only issue a certain number of permits due to limited space which dosent always align with the number of student drivers in that property meaning not everyone can always get a permit.

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