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    Parking permits for students

      what will I do for food? I use my car for food shopping what am I going to do with work? I use my car to travel to work what about seeing friends and family? I use my car for that too, I will literally be unable to do anything and to be told 6 months ago that "yes you will be able to park your car here" And now after I've moved in you are saying I now can't have a car! it's ridiculous, i will be unable to work as it's far too expensive for taxis to and from work everyday, this decision has left me honestly wanting to drop out of uni
    Sabrina Jones
    10:51am on 16 Oct 19 Hi there - I wanted to confirm we'll be taking this forward to our Better Staffs next week on the 23rd, 2-4PM in the Students' Union. It would be great to see you there to discuss this further.

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