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    varsity against keele for non-sporty clubs and societies

      Hi, id like for the staffs and Keele unis to go head to head with the special interest and appreciation/ activities and games societies. The sports groups already have a varsity where they can compete and show off their skills. but the non-sports groups don't get this chance, even if its a head to head quiz on our chosen specialist areas (if you've watched St Trinians film 2007, like the 'school challenge' quiz show). I've looked into the societies of both unis and there's a fair amount that could go head to head e.g. staffs pokemon and Keele animanga, staffs Disney and Keele Disney appreciation, staffs LARP and Keele roleplay, staffs amateur dramatics (amdram) and Keele drama, etc.there are more but will just list 4.
    James Kinch
    11:19am on 3 Oct 19 I don't think there's anything against asking for this already. As communications for Staffs Poker Society, we are in regular contact with Keele's Poker Society and we are currently drafting plans to go to the union with to try and make this happen. There shouldn't be a reason why it wouldn't be turned down already, it's just a matter of the societies planning it and going to the respective unions.
    Mark Warren
    1:12am on 13 Oct 19 I think this would benefit all societies in general, less communication barriers and promote a stronger connection between those at Keele University with Staffordshire University.
    Sabrina Jones
    1:33pm on 16 Oct 19 Hi Emily, this is a great idea. We advise you get in contact with Society-equivalents at Keele and speak with the Student Engagement Team about this as something to carry forward in the work - their email is

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