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    Make Washing Machines & Dryers free

      It is shocking that we have to pay near enough £10 for a full washing. Do we not pay enough for our actual course and also for accommodation just for us to pay more for having the privilege to wear clean clothes? Making it free will help students save money on important things like paying for rent and on food. Making it free would make a student save over £100 a year.
    Catherine Sheen
    3:28pm on 7 Oct 19 i Think even if its not possible to make them free.. then there quality should be reflected in the cost. Either massively lower the price, or bring the washing machines/driers up to scratch. Its ridiculous the amount of students ive heard from that they need to pay for repeated tumble dries to get the clothes dry. Also if the university is proposing that resident students are unable to bring there cars onto campus then they need to have adequate washing and drying facilities for laundry as they will be unable to take there clothes/bedding home for a wash regularly vis public transport.
    Mark Warren
    12:21am on 13 Oct 19 I would rather pay for my laundry than have to come to a machine that never receives maintenance due to a lack of funding. When I'm paying for these services I'm not just paying for the luxury of having clean clothes, I'm paying for the machine to remain operational.
    Catherine Sheen
    5:06pm on 13 Oct 19 Agree with the above point, i feel the issue is that the washers/driers are not reflective of having received maintenance as from what i have heard over the past few years they regularly go out of order, dont work, and do a incredibly ineffective job. I can understand why students would be frustrated at having to pay for numerous drying cycles to get clothes reasonably dry. Likewise having a launderette service which leaves clothes smelling badly is also not reflecting positively on the student halls experience and also does not suggest that they receive appropriate maintenance. This is one of the few situations within university life where I would agree with the argument that students are paying for a service and would therefore expect it to work appropriately. I personally on starting in 2016 while living in halls never used the launderette services on campus for these very reasons, instead using friends washing machines and travelling home regularly.
    Sabrina Jones
    10:50am on 16 Oct 19 Hi all - just to let you know, we'll be discussing this in detail next week 2-4PM on the 23rd of October at our Better Staffs. Please come along at the Students' Union.

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