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    Change bye-laws for the removing inactive committee members

      All clubs, societys and networks are run by committees, but what happens when a member of a committee loses interest and goes inactive? It falls on the other committee members to pick up the slack and increase their work load, it can also cause said student groups to stall and become stagnant. I am suggesting a change in bye-laws to add the ability to remove committee members who are inactive, if reasonable evidence is provided, and trigger byelections within that student group. This can allow student groups to continue the great work that they already do for the students here, without unnecessary stress put on active and already willing committee members.
    Mark Warren
    1:20am on 13 Oct 19 Could you Clarify in what way the society is affected? You make it sound as if the society is dependent on that person being there - yet there are some societies that may not need every student in attendance such as VGU. If this is involving a Group Project then of course this is understandable, I think the Clarity to which societies are effected by this the most would be of some assurance.
    Len Stuart
    9:53pm on 16 Oct 19 I'm not on about societies, although this would apply to them, more so to the representative networks who's work encompass a bit more than just societies with their social parts. Having a full committee for a network allows for campaigning and more education.

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