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    Cadman made available all year round for film and game

      When wanting to study in the specific rooms with our game software, such as 3ds max and zbrush. We get either kicked out or are not allowed to sit quietly in a small lecture, affecting our work and not allowing the students the software that they need. In terms of film software there are limited computers in the library that have the software and if you have a project and don't use the same exact computer (which is not practical) we can't access work. If Cadman was made available (and not just at deadline time) to students more frequently like the library it would minimise this issue as it would allow more facilities for gaming and film students.
    Isaac Robinson
    3:02pm on 16 Oct 19 Making Cadman available more often would definitely benefit both game and film students and even more. As it's more computers with the softwares we need.
    Jon Eley
    3:28pm on 16 Oct 19 I have struggled on many occasions where Cadman hasn't been available and I have had issues with doing crucial work for deadlines, so this change would be extremely useful especially for a Masters student like myself
    Nat Campbell
    11:58pm on 16 Oct 19 I agree with this. In all fairness this room should be primarily for gaming/film students. I have been in a lecture there when students have been asked to leave. It's not ideal, but for some of our topics we sometimes disclose personal/confidential stuff and do discuss bad things. So it's in essence safe guarding . There enough generic computer rooms to ensure this room is 24/7 as the sign on the door says

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