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    Parent room

      The children's area in the library is an amazing thing. However, several students have commented that they are uneasy taking their children to it as they are worried the noise their children make will upset and disturb other students. Also with it being an open space they can't study properly as young children tend to run around. It has been suggested that a room would be ideal, kids can make as much noise as they want, be In a safe environment so parents can study. It can also be used as a place where parent students can meet up and socialise
    Sabrina Jones
    2:30pm on 21 Apr 20 Hi Nat! This is a great suggestion and thanks for submitting it. There's probably a lot more debate to be had, so this will be taken forward to Forum, on the 7th of May 5PM on Microsoft Teams to talk about what a space like this would look like and how it would work - Sab
    Birgit Allport
    9:13pm on 1 May 20 No, because then you need to add separate areas for every different group of students, ig. 40+ years of age students, students with different health issues or needs, mature students, etc. At the moment there is to much focus on parent students, while other groups are not considered in anything. Studying with children is not easy, I know from my own experience, but doable without relying mainly on others for support. It's more a question of find the right form of organising for the individual family.

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