What's Your Big Idea?

Got an idea to make your University, Union or the world a better place?

With your Students' Union, anything is possible.

Better Staffs Forum

For some ideas, an online posting just won't cut it. For the big issues, world changing ideas or the stuff that gets people desperate to shout "I disagree!", your ideas will go to one of our forums for discussion.

Here, a panel of randomly selected Students will vote on whether the idea should be turned to reality, whether we need to figure out more before start doing stuff, or whether this one isn't best for Students right now.

Come along to a forum to share your thoughts on others' ideas, or watch the live stream of each forum through the year on the Union facebook page, where you can still say your piece.

So when's the next Forum?

We'll announce our future meetings on our Twitter and Facebook, so keep an eye out there.