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Hey, I am Choto! This year I am your Students' Union Vice President for this academic year 2021/22 and now 2022/2023. I have studied Tourism Management at my previous university, but now I currently study Events Management here at staffs however I am taking this year out to fulfil my role as Vice President. The one thing I am looking forward to doing in my term in office is to embed a win-lose mentality throughout the year to build a strong relationship between our community and to make sure that students feel proud to be part of Staffs.

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Choto update for the academic year 2021-22 



  • Open Day! - Spoke to the prospective students and see them engaged in our clubs and societies and what we have to offer! 

  • Great Come Back Planning! - Got the green light to plan more events and activities for our existing students, in particular our second-year students who have missed out on a big welcome. We as a Union know that it will be crucial from September to set a new level of welcome to provide a hybrid element of engagement for our students. 

  • Established Officer network! - Throughout the summer we wanted to connect with students who stayed in stoke for the summer holidays so we could continue the face-to-face contact. 

  • Collaboration with the sports centre! - Worked extremely hard with the sports centre to organise sessions for students to have a go before we welcome our new Students the following week. 


  • Moving Stafford students in! - We went out to the Stafford Campus welcoming all our new and returning students at Stafford Court! 

  • Interview with the BBC clubs and societies fair! - It was great to meet students who were enjoying themselves around campus. It was also great to have an interview with the BBC Chris Steers. 

  • Gave a talk to Stafford students! - Gave the new and returning students a talk about what we are offering to our students this year and how they can feel a part of our Staffs family! 

  • First day of the Great Come Back! - Collaborated with university wellbeing mentors’ students and mental health society members to provide service on campus! 

  • Collaboration with the ResLife! - Collaborated with ResLife to host and put on a BBQ! 


  • Led the union for Black history Month! - led the union by joining in with the commemoration of achievements, events and to raise awareness of Black history. 

  • Officially helped to launch Verve! - Helped to officially launch the brand-new vibrant Verve and promote its use which was that it is a space to zone out or relax with friends, come through. 

  • United Clubs and Societies to say no Racism! - I gave Clubs and Societies the opportunity to take a picture with our new black history month banner to show support and that Racism is not tolerated in any shape or form within our community here at Staffordshire University. 

  • Led the union to commit to a Pledge! - As a united Students' Union, we stand together to state that racism and discrimination will not be tolerated in any shape or form here in our communities, and we will continue to provide an environment where students from all backgrounds will have their voices heard without fear of racism or discrimination. 




  • Launched Motivational Quotes! - To kick off Movember I launched the motivational quotes which a appear on the website where it is replaced with a brand-new positive quote every day! 

  • Launched Choto spotlights! -   I started Choto Spotlight to give clubs and societies an opportunity to be in the spotlight to promote and highlight achievements and activities that they take part in. 

  • Supported Hayden through Movember! -  Supported Hayden through Movember event to raise money for money for men's mental Health through a dodge-ball tournament with the dodge-ball club. 

  • Part of the platform party! - Help the university to execute graduation and make sure that it was more than it could be. I was also part of the platform party to personally see and congratulate our graduates. 


  • Day Trip to London!  - Took a trip to the London Campus with us the officer team to see how things are going at the satellite campus and see what is going on down and to see what we should be doing more of to give London students a better experience. 

  • Random act of kindness! - Throughout the day i was giving out presents such as free entry to club nights, free meal voucher, free sweets and tea and coffee vouchers to increase vibrancy and the festive spirit. 

  • Planning Re welcome! - Got the green light to plan more events and activities for our students who would be returning on to campus after the green light from government with restrictions. 

  • Christmas and boxing day celebrations! - The past 2 days of the holidays was   amazing spending time with students who could not go home for the holidays.  we partnered up with Mick and ResLife who helped lead the Christmas day celebrations. 


  • Launched re-welcome on campus! - I planned and worked on Re welcome so that the students have plenty of activities to do throughout the four weeks from the 11th of January to the 4th of January. 

  • Strategic Planning! - As an Officer team we have been working as part of the Senior Management Team on developing the Union’s strategic framework for the next few years. 

  • Meeting the new international students! - Me and Hayden went to greet our new international students and worked with our University's Student Ambassadors to give them a warm welcome to Staffs! 

  • Varsity interviews! - To the run up to Varsity I have been working with our sports teams to help prepare and gave interviews to students who would be competing in varsity this year. 


  • Pride Surveys with students! - Went on to campus to speak to students on how they were finding university asked they would like to take part in pride surveys (Are you proud to be part of staffs?) 

  • Spotlighted students’ groups! - Gave a spotlight to number of clubs and societies to give them an opportunity to be in the spotlight to promote and highlight achievements and activities that they take part in. 

  • More Varsity Interviews! - To the run up to Varsity I have been working with our sports teams to help prepare and gave interviews to students who would be competing in varsity this year. 


  • Managed to get the University Executive boardroom table!! - While the University Executive was moving to the Catalyst building, I asked if we could have the table, so our clubs and societies can use the space to have meetings or have their meet ups. 

  • Pride Indicator with London students! - This month I went down to the London campus to speak to students to see how they are finding the experience there; it was also a good opportunity to do pride indicator to help shape the Union strategy. 

  • Open day in London - This month while in London I had the chance to work on the open and speak to prospective students on what opportunities the union has to offer. 

  • Varsity Pledge - I got all our sport teams to commit to a pledge for inclusion where the Vice Chancellor agreeing in signing the pledge. 


  • Supported the sports centre and staffs tv with varsity! - Supported the sports centre and staffs tv with varsity, mainly help staffs tv to help with the coverage   for the 4 days which varsity was taking place.  

  • Student futures Manifesto! - I began to do my own personal reading and research on the student futures manifesto. 

  • Working with Department Reps!  Joint up with your department reps we aimed to lobby the university to push for exams to be online (continuing projects). 

  • Rep Council! - Attend Rep council discus withs students on matters arising. 


What has been completed? 

  • Positive, Motivational Quotes 

  • Recycling on Campus 

  • Improve Match Day Experiences  

  • Celebrate Societies  

  • improve Campus Vibrancy  

  • More Events 

  • More lighted pathways  

  • Clubs and Societies Recognition 

  • Win lose Mentality  

  • Accessible Bucs fixtures  

  • Student support System  

  • Mental health awareness training 

  • increase volunteering opportunities 

We proudly represent the academic interests of all Students at Staffordshire University. Providing advice, student groups and fantastic experiences that make us all very Proud to be Staffs.