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Anthony Wallace

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Hi, I’m Anth! I am one of your four chosen Elected Officers for the academic year 2020/21. I studied Games Design and Programming here at Staffs Uni. I am also known for being the bubbly, talkative barista at Squeezebox and for being on our very own American Football team. One of the main changes that I’ll be focusing on this year is Creativity and pushing the talented creatives at this Uni to go further and help them build a reputation for themselves.


Pronouns: He / Him / His

My Manifesto

Creativity Sells.

A  week throughout the year or an event where students get a chance to make money selling their current wares, hobbies or class projects and get peer and industry feedback. Some of these were once the very heart and heritage of Staffordshire in terms of trade and should be given the opportunity to show that it still is.

Mental Health Lounges.

This was a major success this year and I am incredibly proud of it. Rest and  Reset is the name of the continuous events we had this year which provided mental health professional support and a cosy place to hang out and chill with friends. This year, I plan to lobby the University to try to make this a permanent facility on campus.

Sports at Staffs.

I didn’t get to achieve everything I wanted in Sport due to Covid. However, I did win being voted in as the Vice-Chair of BUCS West Midlands. Helping put Sports at Staffs on the map regionally in terms of Sports Mental Health, communication, sports events and activities. This year it is my goal to become West Midlands Chair whilst also helping create and drive improved inter-sport activities, wellbeing and events around campus. As well as regionally.

Job Accessibility.

Money will be a huge issue since the economy has been on standstill for so long. I have been lucky enough to maintain a part-time job and even start my own business to supplement my student loans. However, many of my close teammates and peers have not. I will look to locate and form ties with locally sourced agencies for Apprenticeships and part-time jobs opportunities for International students by lobbying the University to provide more Job  Fairs, Business, Career and Volunteering workshops for all.

Further Sustainability.

Now we are looking at the roadmap to potentially more occupied campus life in the next academic year. I will attempt to create “Reduced Food  Waste”, “Minimise Water Waste” and “Mask Litter free” initiatives all over campus to support our environment and local wildlife.

Improved  Marketing and  Communication.

The Union deserves credit here because they have done the best they can to adapt and improve this via Podcasts, Social Media videos regarding campus & covid updates and helping provide Networks and  Students with relevant, frequent updates. I plan to keep this level of engagement and some. Hopefully covering all Campus Events, Society Events, Sporting  Events and ensuring distance learners and satellite campuses have their say and are well informed about ongoing events here at Staffs.


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