What has your Students' Union helped you change recently?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Your Officer team, Academic Reps and all the Union staff are constantly working hard behind the scenes to ensure your academic interests, ambitions or concerns reach the places where changes can be made. With us, no student voice goes unheard, so when students change something, we call it a win and add it to the list!

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Some Highlight Wins from 2018/19:

What changed? Who made it happen? How many people will this affect?
Awarded £4k of funding to run engagement activities for mature students The Officer Team 100+
Flagged an issue with immunisations for students studying Nursing & Midwifery courses with the University, who will now receive immunisations appropriate for their placements. A Course Rep 100+
Contributed to the creation of a Children's Library in Stoke Mature Students' Network 100+
Assurance from the Vice Chancellor that there should be no "staff kitchens" in Stoke, Stafford or Shrewsbury - these are for everyone to access. The Officer Team All on campus students
An extension to deadlines and extra staffing put in place to support students struggling with a module A Course Rep The Whole Course
Intervention from an acting Head of Department after Film, Media & Journalism students raised issues but recieved confusing feedback. A Department Rep The Whole Course
Business School staff made a commitment to adding any upcoming annual leave to their email signatures, so students know they'll be off before they go The Officer Team A Whole School
Separate male and female changing areas will be provided for future uniform fitting slots to provide more privacy for students Health & Social Care Council A Whole School
Changed the wording of the "Academic Link Tutor Policy" which means every visit to a Partner College/Institution will include a meeting with students, rather than "where possible" The Officer Team All Partner Institutions
Full menus available online (including allergies) to make them more accessible for students The Disabled Students' Network 100+
The Union supported amazing students at Shrewsbury raised over £750 for charity before Christmas Students, Staff and Officers 100+
Persuaded the University to run a competition for students to design work that will be displayed in the Hub The Officer Team One lucky individual's portfolio!
Proving students' with opportunities to preform at events on campus and get rewarded for doing so. The Officer Team Stoke Students

Shrewsbury and Stafford students will now be directly involved in Welcome Week planning after some dissatisfaction with travelling to Stoke

Union Staff/The Officer Team Centres of Excellence Students
Welcomed approximately 4000 students during Welcome Week through talks, sessions and activities The Officer Team 4000!

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