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Just a little bit of your time can go a long way!

Volunteering Support for
Staffordshire University Students' Union Employees

We all want to make our communities better places to live, it's why we work for the Students' Union. Volunteering is a critical method of supporting your community and, even better, only costs you time. Here at the Students' Union though, we recognise that our time at home with our families is precious and so we may be put off volunteering for good. Students' Union core staff are therefore covered by our Staff Volunteering Policy, which awards you upto 15 hours paid leave each holiday year to participate in volunteering activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Be Proud to be Staffs and volunteer using your volunteering days soon!


What's in this for me?

We know that this is the important bit, as a Staff member why should you volunteer? Well, a sucessful volunteer will:


  1. Build a unique set of stories and experiences to contribute to your continued professional development

  2. Develop your skills in a diverse range of environments, including Time Management, Project Management, Communication and Teamwork

  3. You'll receive up to 15 hours of paid Volunteering Leave in addition to your current leave entitlement

  4. Enjoy the benefits of volunteering in the nearby community, learning more about Staffordshire and our local community

  5. Meet new people, make new connections and enjoy a day out of the office in a new environment

Sounds good right? Well, to make this even better, we'll cover your Travel Expenses and even provide you with a DBS Check* Sorted!

*DBS are available to volunteers meeting the appropriate criteria. Staff engaged in ongoing study may not be able to claim DBS checks via the Students' Union. Subject to your volunteering being confirmed with a Volunteering Coordinator. DBS Checks are a function of the Home Office and Students' Union DBS Checks are facilitated by an intermediary organisation.


What's the small print?

This is the less exciting bit but important to make sure that your Volunteering Leave is authorised quickly. The Staff Volunteering policy details the following conditions:


  1. Students' Union Staff are defined as employees contracted to work Annualised Hours

  2. All Volunteering Leave must be approved by your Line Manager and HR at least 2 weeks before your volunteering activity

  3. Volunteering must be undertaken to benefit a community, charity or social enterprise and to meet the definition of volunteering, must not include any payment from the volunteering provider other than out-of-pocket expenses.

  4. Your volunteering leave entitlement can be used in parts, as separate days or concurrently.

  5. The Students' Union may request you provide supporting information about your volunteering to promote social responsibility and aid in the development of our work in the local community.

That's it. With permission from your Line Manager and a confirmed activity, you could be out volunteering really soon!


Looking for some inspiration? Here's what some of your colleagues have been doing:

Danny Walker

Student Engagement Coordinator

Emergency Response Volunteer, British Red Cross

I’m an Emergency Response Volunteer with the British Red Cross and respond to incidents where people have been displaced from their homes because of fires and floods or during Major Incidents to set up Rest Centres and provide practical and emotional support to all those affected.

On the 2nd November 2017, I spoke at a Red Cross event at Middleport Pottery to talk about the work I do in supporting those in crisis to an audience of supporters in the hope that they may consider leaving something in their wills to help support our work in the future. 

The talk was well received and we’ve had a lot of interest, which is great. I tweeted throughout the event (when I wasn’t presenting!) and you can see those here: Twitter