Student Academic Representatives

What are Student Academic Representatives?

Student Academic Representatives are here to ensure the student voice is heard. They are the vital link between the students, the University and the Students’ Union.

What do Student Academic Representatives do?

Student Academic Representatives listen to the students on their course; collecting their views and opinions, and attend meetings to discuss the views of the students to relevant academic staff, to achieve a positive outcome. The University relies upon student feedback to provide the best service and facilities for current and future students.

Why be a Student Academic Representatives?

  • Gain transferable Skills
  • Add the experience to your CV
  • Receive formal recognition for your voluntary work
  • Have a Positive impact on the student experience
  • Student Academic Rep Loyalty Scheme


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  • Public Speaking Skills

    Understand the need to communicate effectively in the presence of others, and gain a few tips on public speaking

  • Student Academic Rep Conference 2014

    Slides from Academic Rep Conference

  • Programme Committee Meetings Handbook

    PCMs Explained

  • Assertiveness

    This is about expressing yourself and explaining what you want, without resorting to thumping the table, whimpering or manipulation. During this session, we will explore the benefits of this approach, your current levels of assertiveness and strategies to get to win-win more easily.. Delivered at Student Academic Representatives Training

  • Gaining a Good Degree

    How to achieve a good degree. Delivered at Student Academic Representatives Training

  • All you need to know about Student Academic Representatives

    Explains why you should become an academic rep and the benefits of being one.

  • The Savvy Student

    How to get the most of your time at University. Delivered at STARs Training

  • Staffordshire Graduate Volunteering Opportunities

    This will inform you of the benefits of volunteering, and the opportunities that volunteering can offer

  • Time Management

    Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day, more days in the week? Do you sometimes end up with no time for the things you really wanted to do - or rushing important projects at the last minute? In this session, we will explore how you manage your time, and how to regain control and make time for the most important tasks. Delivered at STARs Training


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