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Student Activities Executive


Who sits on the Committee?

  • Vice President (s)
  • 6 committee members nominated from sports teams
  • 6 committee members nominated from societies
  • A member of the management team of the Student Media Group
  • One member of staff nominated by the General Manager in an advisory capacity


Who are my Student Activity representatives?

  • If you'd be interested in taking part in Student Activities Executive during 2013/2014 then please get in contact with the Student Activities Team.

What does it do?

  • To ensure that Student Activities continues to be student led.
  • To represent student views when planning events such as Varsity and Student Activities Awards Night.
  • To represent student views on the quality of the services and facilities provided by the Union and the University.
  • To act as a disciplinary committee to make decisions on activity code of conduct.
  • To act as a scrutiny committee for decision making for activities.
  • To raise awareness of Student Activities provided across campus.
  • Help deliver wide programme of events facilitated by the Activities department.


What do members get out of it?

  • Enhanced CV
  • Extra hours to add to your volunteering portfolio
  • Chance to bring about change to the way things are done

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