Website, Account & Ticketing FAQs

The frequently asked questions below answer most of the common queries we get from people trying to register on this website. We hope that your question will be answered, but if not please feel free to email us at and we’ll do our best to assist you.

How do I log on to

If you are a student who is currently enrolled at Staffordshire University and have consented to your data being shared with the Students Union this year, then you can log into the website using your University username and password.

Does this mean you know my University password?

No. You don’t enter your password into the website directly.
We use the Universities identification management system (Shibboleth) which sends an encrypted validation “token” to the website to get you in.

I have forgotten my University username/password

You will need to sort this out with the University Information Service Helpdesk.

They can be contacted via or on 01785 353800

I’m not being recognised on the system as a current student

There are several possible reasons for this:

1)   You haven’t yet enrolled with the University
      We only get your data after you enrol (each year)

2)   You only just enrolled with the University
- It can be a full working day/night for the data to be transferred from the University. Try again later.
If it doesn’t work after 24 hours then email

3)   When you enrolled with the University you didn’t consent to sharing your data with the Students Union.
-      You can enter your student number into the registration checker page here

How do I buy tickets for events?

Here at Staffordshire University Students Union we operate a digital ticketing service for your convenience.

Advance tickets for most of our events can be purchased online (via PC or mobile devices) through our digital ticketing system, or at the bar in our venues.

As a current student, your purchase is logged against your University card. There are no paper tickets issued.

To gain access to the event you will be asked to present your Student Card at the door to the event, which will be tapped on a reader to confirm your admission. When making a purchase, you will receive an email receipt to your preferred email account, which can also be viewed in your “inbox”, if you are logged into the website.

This receipt can be presented on the door to gain admission as an alternative to presenting your student card.
(Please note the system will detect if a ticket is trying to be used fraudulently via both card and receipt).

Can I buy guest tickets?

As a member of Staffordshire University Students Union, you will be able to bring up to 5 guests with you to most events (for high demand events this guest number may be reduced to priorities student admission). If you are bringing guests you are reminded that there behaviour will be your responsibility*

If you have purchased any guest tickets these are also attached to your card, and your guest will need to attend the event with you to gain admission.

Are there any restrictions on advance tickets?

Advance tickets give priority entrance up until 11pm.
Whilst tickets are valid for admission after this time, space is not held and there may be a requirement to wait for capacity to allow admission.

*Staffordshire University Students Union venues pride themselves on operating a safe and welcoming environment for its members. We have achieved Best Bar None accreditation to Gold standard for our operation.
We have a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and harassment, and failure to respect other customers or the venue and it’s staff may result in immediate exclusion and disciplinary action.

We are part of Staffordshire’s Nighlife Partnership, and as such an exclusion from the Union for serious misbehaviour would result in an exclusion from all licenced premises in the area, so please drink and act responsibly

What can I do with My Account on

If you click on My account in the top right menu bar of the website you can access a number of functions for personalising and checking your account.

Basket - shows tickets memberships or products you have added for purchase.

Account - allows you to change your password
(if you aren't set up for the University Authentication Service)

Profile - allows you to add additional info about yourself

Memberships - shows & links you to the groups that you are part of.

Contact Details - allows you to update your contact details and, within this,
Contact options allows you to manage how you receive communications.

Calendar - allows you to add reminders for events

Photos - allows you to upload and share photographs

Purchase History - allows you to view all the Union purchases you have made through your time at Staffs.