We love to celebrate all of the great achievements of our student groups and shout about the positive impacts that they have on our university and wider communities.

 Our student groups always make us Proud to be Staffs, here's what some of them have been up to recently:

(Any student groups wishing to submit news article content, please send your updates to studentengagement@staffs.ac.uk)

Celebrating Excellence: 'We Are Staffs Awards' 2024 Recap!
We Are Staffs Awards' 2024

What a night it was at the 'We Are Staffs Awards' 2024! Staffordshire University's Student Union was buzzing with excitement as we gathered to honour the remarkable achievements of our student leaders, representatives, volunteers, and community champions.

Spotlight of the Week – Staffordshire University Dance Club
staffs uni dance society

Dance lovers rejoice! This week, we are going to introduce a group of students who have a real love for dance. Meet the Staffordshire University Dance Club! The club is a fun and safe place to explore dance and improve your skills. They try to explore a range of dance styles and give members the opportunity to compete or just dance for fun. They welcome all levels of dancers and give them the opportunity to join their beginner competition team or their open classes, which are mor

Your Student Group Committees for 24/25

Here are the committees that you have elected to run your student groups for the 2024/25 academic year!

Spotlight of the Week – SAMS Society
Spotlight SAMS

Hello students! This week in Spotlight we are introducing you to a society that might interest many of you as it's popularity is growing worldwide! The society offers a great space for people who love anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture! Yes, we are talking about the Staffs Anime and Manga Society also known as SAMS!

Spotlight of the Week – Guild of Assassins
Spotlight Guild of Assassins

This week in Spotlight, we have a society that shares a collective passion to hunt and “assassinate” each other using foam darts and various traps to accomplish their mission objectives set by our beloved Captain, Assbeard. Yes, we are talking about none other than the Guild of Assassins Society!

Spotlight of the Week – Goth Society
Spotlight of the Week – Goth Society

This week in the Spotlight, we are introducing a fairly new place where things are dark and scary! Yes, we are talking about Staffs new Goth Society! The society is headed by the manager Aleksandra Limanowska, Finance officer – Taiga Hookey, Communications officer – Peter Conroy and Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer - Caitlin Richardson.

Student Group(s) of the Month: March - Team Tavern

Tavern Night bought not one, not two but five student groups together for an epic collaboration!

Spotlight of the Week - Mountaineering Club
Spotlight of the week - Mountaineering Club

This week, we are not spotlighting any society or club; because, it has already been taken from us by this well-deserving club, which is reaching new heights each year like it’s in their blood! Yes, we are talking about the recent Varsity winners the Mountaineering Club of Staffs supported by your Students’ Union!

Last Year's We Are Staffs Winners: Cosy Club
An image of Cosy Club Society winning Best New Start Up last year. The text COULD THIS BE YOU? is wr

Remember last year when the Cosy Club Society rocked the house and took home the Best New Startup award? Could this be your year?

Litter pick hosted by Cop Shop!

Litter pick hosted by Cop Shop!

Spotlight of the week - Mario Kart Society
Spotlight of the week - Mario Kart Society

Over the the last 18 weeks, we have provided  18 spotlightarticles in the “Spotlight” section, which means there are 18 amazing societies you can read about on the Students’ Union website in detail, including what they are about, what they do, and how you can join them!

Spotlight of the Week – Pokémon Society
Spotlight of the week - Pokemon Society

Let's gather around my fellow "Trainers" because this week; our spotlight shines brightly upon the Pokémon Society! Led by Poke masters John Stevens, Daisy Dillon, Aaron Lee, and Ben Ward, this Society is more than just a gathering—it's a sanctuary for Pokémon enthusiasts across the university. Whether you're a budding rookie, a battle-hardened veteran, or simply finding your Poké-path, fear not, for within these walls, there's a welcoming space reserved just for you!

Spotlight of the Week – Myth Society
Spotlight - Myth Society

Hello readers! It’s that time of the week again to ask us What’s on the “table”? Well, it is the society perfect for people who enjoys TABLETOP GAMES! The Myth Society supported by your Students’ Union is all about tabletop game players who play wide range of board games such as - card games, wargames, tabletop RPGs and more!

Lend a paw. Bin your litter

Be a litter hero

Student Group of the Month: February - RAMS

February saw so many groups take community spirit to a new level, but RAMS have taken the top spot this month for our Monthly Student Group Article

How To Earn Student Group Badges
Inclusion badge

Ideas and tips for committee leaders

Hanley’s Safe Spaces

Understand where your Safe Spaces are in Hanley!

Spotlight of the Week – The Creative Writing Society
Spotlight of the week - creative writing

Writing is important for communication. It needs creativity and resilience. Writers craft engaging stories, inviting readers into new worlds and nurturing a love for reading. The Creative Writing Society at Staffs is a recently revived club revolving around everything to do with writing. Having held the first taster session in February, the society is dedicated to exploring creativity and self-expression through writing in a fun and welcoming environment.

Spotlight of the Week – Folklore Society
Spotlight of the week - folklore

Staffordshire Students' Union supports many great societies and communities, and We're featuring them every week in our spotlight section. Folklore is now one of them, and we're proud to say they have cultivated a wonderful community of folklore fanatics! Everyone is welcome to the Folklore Society, and they're providing a great experience to every member of Staffordshire Students' Union.

A Message From SWIS on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

This International Day of Women and Girls in Science, our Staffs Women in STEM student group have a short message to celebrate!

Spotlight of the Week – Hoyo Society
Spotlight Hoyo society

This week, again, it’s time for yet another society to take the spotlight, and it’s none other than the Hoyo society! The Hoyo Society is focused on all things Hoyoverse.

Spotlight of the Week – Hedgehog Friendly Campus
Spotlight of the week - Hedgehog friendly campus

In recent months, we have showcased various societies related to art, sports, games, and education. This week, we have something different to share with you- a society that is dedicated to a noble cause - saving hedgehogs!

Spotlight of the Week – Amateur Dramatics Society
Spotlight of the week - Amateur Dramatics Society

Hold onto your hats, spotlight seekers, because this week we're shining a light on the society that breathes life into the stage – the Amateur Dramatics Society! Forget stiff rehearsals and gloomy monologues. This crew is all about silliness, laughter, and putting on a show that'll have you rolling in the aisles.

Spotlight of the Week – Fight Club
Fight club

Greetings, warriors of Staffs Uni! It's that time again to shine a light on a student group that's sure to add a punch to your university experience. This week, our spotlight is on Fight Club – a group for all things fighting game related.

Student Group Badges Term One 23/24
Community badge

Recognising our student groups helping to deliver our Values

Spotlight of the Week: Life Drawing Society
Life drawing society

Hey there! It's that time of the week again to check out "Spotlight" for student groups you might want to join. We're all about making your campus life more awesome. We're talking sports, arts, academics – you name it! There are over a hundred groups waiting for you and joining won't break the bank. Some are even free! Just view the Clubs and Societies page to see what's up. Don't miss out on the fun – it's your opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy yourself. This week in Spotlight,

Spotlight of the week - Scarlettes
Spotlight Staffordshire Scarlettes

Laura, Staffordshire Scarlettes committee manager shares with us an update of achievements throughout the term. The Scarlettes team work hard, play hard and support each other throughout. Laura is deservedly proud of her team and we're proud of you Laura...keep doing what you do!

Staffs Women in STEM

Find our about our latest new student group - Staffs Women in STEM

Spotlight of the Week – Rolling Bones Society
Rolling Bones Society

London students! It's your time to shine in Spotlight. Because this week in the Spotlight, we are introducing a London-based society that loves miniature painting, tabletop roleplaying games, or hanging out playing a variety of different games with friends! Tabletop gaming is a fun hobby with many different types of games, including board games, roleplaying games, and tabletop wargames. Painted miniatures make playing these games even more exciting and immersive than unpainted ones.

Spotlight of the Week – Cosy Club Society
Spotlight Cosy Club

Welcome to Spotlight! Each week, we feature a student group that aligns with your interests. Our goal is to help you find societies that resonate with your interests. With hundreds of student groups available, both free and with nominal membership fees, there is sure to be something that matches your personal taste! This week, we're happy to introduce you to one of our coolest societies - the Cosy Club!

Spotlight of the Week – Cop Shop

Are you interested in Policing, Criminology, or Forensic investigation? If so, this maybe the right society for you! Allow me to introduce you to a bold and welcoming society, run in partnership with Staffordshire Police, dedicated to the practical aspects of policing - The Cop Shop Society.